Today I eat at the company as I do at home

Traditional and healthy cuisine for dishes cooked on the same day

Since childhood, I grew up with an unconditional passion for cooking, ingredients, and traditional cooking techniques, where every step, worked with delicacy and time, led to the exquisite tastes of each dish. In 1998, I decided to found GUMEN to offer local, transparent, and honest cuisine with the same passion, thinking and deciding as if each dish were for my own children.

Just enjoy your time, we'll cook for you.

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We offer traditional and Mediterranean cuisine, cooked on the same day of delivery

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You can plan your menus for the entire month

What does eating well mean to us?

Natural ingredients

We cook with organic products.

Sin aditivos ni conservantes

We cook the same day we serve all dishes with the shortest possible time from cooking to being eaten by our customers to ensure optimal quality.

Local products

Local suppliers


Our packaging, methodology, and procedures are designed with sustainability and minimal impact on the Earth in mind.

Traditional cooking

We care with love and passion at every step, from the source to the plate.

Take care of your employees.

If you work in a company or are part of the HR department and want to improve your team's day-to-day...

We have the solution for you! Offer your team a daily menu to choose from different varieties of menus.

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We adapt to small, medium, and large companies.

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