Ingredients sourced from the origin, honesty
and commitment for great dishes


Our quality premise is to cook on the same day you receive the order, NO STOCK, we only cook the dish if you order it

No additives
or added preservatives


excellence, and health

Traditional producers for excellent products

Monthly Planning

We make a monthly proposal so you can organize yourself easily according to your needs. You can plan to completely relax during the month, throughout the week, or order daily to satisfy your cravings at the moment.

At the end of each month, you'll already have the proposal for the following month, completely different every month according to trends, tastes, novelties, and the season.

Our menus Basic - Diet - Veggy*

Basic: The menu is prepared following our traditional diet with dishes that characterize the Mediterranean home cooking of the past and present. Slow-cooked dishes or grandmother's sauces are what you will find in this menu.

Diet: As its name suggests, it is our most demanding proposal for a low-carb and low-fat diet. Dishes based on vegetables and salads along with grilled mains or light desserts.

Veggy*: If you are a fan of vegetarian food, this is your dedicated option with dishes that contain plant-based protein. (Coming soon)*


As we know that everyone has totally different tastes and we don't like to have closed menus, we let you combine dishes from the menus. This way, you can select the first course from one menu with the second course from another menu, or even choose two first courses. All combinations are possible.

Food safety and protocols

We have been implementing perfected and controlled processes in our menus for 25 years, with analysis of all points and processes to ensure food safety requirements through: Internal controls, External audits to audit us, and periodic audits and controls by the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

What does my menu include?

  • Full menu: First Course, Second Course, Dessert, and Bread.
    As the name suggests, a complete menu for a demanding day.

  • Half menu: One dish to choose, Dessert, and Bread.
    The lighter menu for a more manageable day.
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