Enhance well-being and satisfaction through local cuisine and increase the value of your company for your employees.

*According to a study by the International Labour Organization, poor nutrition at work causes productivity losses of up to 20%

Loyalty to your employees

Home-cooked menus prepared the same day

Better atmosphere in your company

100% Sustainable

Natural and healthy cooking

100% eco-friendly packaging

No additives or preservatives

Local product



Offer subsidies and/or benefits to your employees.


Customized menus for each employee.

Free shipping*

What suits you best

We offer varied menus to make your employees' daily life easier.

Take care of your employees

If you work in a company or are part of the HR department and want to improve your team's daily life...

We have the solution for you! Offer your team a daily menu to choose from two options, Basic or Diet.

We adapt to any type of company and take care of everything. We will cook sustainably with locally sourced ingredients for your employees. Contact us to get benefits and advantages.

Many employees eat out of the office regularly.
They request food as a benefit.
Many millennials wouldn't consider changing jobs if they have food as a benefit.
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