25 years of experience

"Since childhood, I grew up with an unconditional passion for cooking, ingredients, and traditional cooking techniques, where every step, delicately and over time, led to the exquisite flavors of each dish. In 1998, I decided to found GUMEN to offer local, transparent, and honest cuisine with the same passion, thinking and deciding as if each dish were for my own children."


Local catering since 1998

The year Internet Explorer 4.0 was launched, GUMEN was born with a clear objective: to improve school meals. More than 25 years later, even after passing through generations, the company has grown and has managed to satisfy the most demanding diners of all ages, who find in GUMEN the leading company in health and quality for their meals. Currently led by the second generation and positioned as one of the catering companies with the highest quality in its dishes for schools and businesses, it follows the same guidelines and enthusiasm with which it was founded by Jose Luis Gutiérrez, with the greatest expression of reinvention that a second generation can carry out. Currently, GUMEN specializes in catering for companies and schools, with facilities of more than 1,000 m2, offering the market the possibility of a company with high production capacity but traditional and local. A wise choice for your meals and those of your children.



Reaches a daily volume of 3,000 diners 4 years after its foundation, based on trust and honesty with the product, quality, and management.


The 2nd generation of the family joins with great enthusiasm, bringing new ideas and approaches while respecting the traditional identity and methodology to continue the first dream.


Invests in the construction of a central headquarters to gain production potential and excellence in its processes.


Expands into new markets and positions itself as a leader in them, doubling the number of diners and business in just 2 years.


Invests in logistical capacity to continue offering a JUST IN TIME service on a large scale, cooked and served without time gaps in between.


Increases its environmental policies both in its processes and in 100% compostable packaging and products to follow an ecological evolution.

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